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On your first visit please ensure you wear suitable clothing to ensure you enjoy your workout. Appropriate footwear must be worn; jeans or work boots are not acceptable. You will need to bring with you or purchase from Sports Direct Fitness club a padlock for your locker. Please note, all belongings must be stored in a locker whilst you are in the club. These are priced at £4.00 should you need to buy one. A picture will be taken and a membership card assign which must be present and swipe for subsequent visit.

Feature Benefits of…


Attending group ex classes increases motivation as the customer will have the coach and the rest of the participants to keep them going throughout the classes.
On average, people that attend group ex classes visit the gym three times more per week than those exercising alone. This means that you will achieve your goals quicker and get the best possible value from your membership.
Taking part in group ex classes encourage members to keep exercising for longer. The programs are updated quarterly and we are introducing new types of classes regularly meaning you will never get bored.
Don’t feel that you have to do a full 60 minute class straight off, it’s important that you go at your own pace and build up to it. Start by booking in, make your coach aware that you’re new so that they can advise you, and stay as long as you like.
Try a minimum of 20 minutes in the first week, 25 minutes in the second and gradually build up to a full class. You will be surprised how quickly you get there. Unsure which classes to attend? Aim to do 2-3 cardio classes per week eg Spin, Aerobics, Blast, Fight, Zumba / 1 – 2 resistance classes per week eg Pump, Kettle-cise, Body Conditioning / 1 holistic class per week eg Yoga, Pilates, Body & Soul. Again there is no need to do this all at once, build up to it.

If you have purchased a class membership then you need to book in advance for classes you wish to attend using the details and link below:-

Click here to book in advance


1) On first log on to the site you will select a default Club.
2) You can then quick book on the first screen by going to Activities.
3) Select Personal Training Sessions.
4) Select the required date using the arrow at either side of current date and all available sessions will be displayed in green.
5) Select the required time by click on it and the Book & Checkout to confirm.
6) Enjoy your session!


Please note that if you cannot attend a class then you need to cancel your booking prior to the start time.
This can be done through the online system using manage your booking option.
Or alternatively you can contact your club direct.


Failure to attend classes that you have booked will trigger the three strikes rule. Should you book and fail to attend three times within a 30 day timeframe your advance booking rights will be removed for a period of 30 days.


While the pool is great to relax in it can also serve as the perfect environment to help you lose weight, tone up your muscles, increase flexibility and improve your cardiovascular function (heart and lungs).
Water is 12 times as dense as air meaning the resistance from the swimming action will tone the muscles while feeling the benefit of an aerobic workout. Practising different stroke techniques while swimming laps will tone up the whole body.
The moisture in the air from a pool environment makes it easier to breathe, perfect for anyone that finds they get short of breath very quickly while exercising on land.
The support from the water enables anyone with joint issues to get an affecting workout without the worry of strains or injuries.
Swimming allows you to use a lot of the bodies muscles at the same time. The strokes that utilise a wide arc such as front crawl target a lot of the arm muscles that are missed in basic exercises, while the scissoring movement made with your legs forces your body to use more of your leg muscles in a plethora of fluid motions. Swimming is also really helpful as a way to elongate and stretch out your whole body as you keep reaching further out with your strokes.
Swimming actually boosts endorphins in the body that increase feelings of wellbeing. Studies have shown that swimming produces the same “relaxation responses” as yoga, and the stretching and contracting of your muscles can heighten this experience. Not only does swimming increase relaxation chemicals, it is also highly conducive to meditation.


Following a program that incorporates a variety of cardio and resistance machines can help you to quickly improve your overall fitness.
Start out working at your own pace, gradually build up the time you spend on say, the treadmill, rower, cross trainer as well as increasing the intensity you work at by adding speed and resistance.
To improve muscle tone we have resistance machines and free weights.
Fixed machines allow you to perform exercises while adding the benefit assisting with control of movement and isolation of one muscle group at a time. Free weights enable you to get the same results while increasing strength through a full range of movement.
In order to get optimum results from the gym floor work with a Personal Trainer!


A Personal Trainer can benchmark your starting point in terms of current activity levels, eating habits and body statistics and advise where you can make changes so you see improvements. They can also help you set short and long term goals and determine whether those goals are realistic.
If you struggle with motivation and adherence to exercise your Personal Trainer will keep you on track. They come with built in motivation and makes you accountable for the exercise that you do (or don’t do) Miss a session, your Personal Trainer will want to know why.
If you need a challenge your Personal Trainer will happily challenge you, it’s very hard to slack off with this kind of supervision. Ultimately, your Personal Trainer can ensure your work outs are safe, effective and tailored to the results you want to achieve.