Last Updated 30th April 2021

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Reopening Dates:

  • English Clubs: Now Open
  • Scottish Clubs: Now Open
  • Welsh Clubs: Now Open
  • Northern Irish Clubs: Now Open

Do I need to book to use the club?
No – after upgrades to our turnstiles you can now access the club at the time most convenient to you. We can now monitor the overall capacity of our clubs. In the event that a club reaches maximum capacity, we will operate a “one in/one out policy” – however our capacities are not expected to reach maximum.

Why does it mention a 70 minute workout time?
To help ensure our clubs don’t reach capacity, we ask that members keep their workouts to a maximum of 70 minutes, in particular during peak times. If your club is empty you can of course train for longer if needed.

What is happening with my membership payments?
An advance notice will be emailed to each member in the week ahead of your club reopening. In this email we will confirm your next collection date and amount. These will be adjusted to factor any payments made in January and any days we are closed in April or May. If you pay for your membership annually, you will receive an email clarifying your new membership renewal date based on the days your club was closed.

Can I re-freeze my membership?
If you would like to make any amendments to your membership, you can do so using our CONTACT US page.

Can you tell me more about how you are ensuring our safety when we return?
Now, more than ever, it is important that we all play our part in keeping our clubs clean and safe. Each of our clubs will have a COVID Champion present on the gym floor to ensure it is being kept clean. As a member it is also your responsibility to clean any equipment you use after you have used it. We have cleaning stations situated around our clubs where you can access antibacterial cleaning sprays and wipes to clean anything you use. Please do not use your personal sweat towels to wipe down any equipment. All of our staff have undergone extensive training during our closure to ensure theirs and your safety when we open. This training includes all of the new and required COVID 19 Ways of Working and includes Advanced Cleaning, Social Distancing and PPE.

When and why am I required to wear a face mask in the club?
As part of the conditional reopening of gyms in the United Kingdom, gym operators are now required to ensure our members wear face masks while inside the club. This applies for all times inside the club except when using equipment. Those who are exempt from wearing a face mask are not required to wear one.
Failure to wear a mask in the club when not exercising could result in your club being fined or even closed by the Environmental Health department and so if you are not following this rule our staff may ask you to leave.

Will I be able to use the swimming pool?
Yes – our swimming pools will be opening on the same day our clubs do. This includes children’s swimming, swimming lessons and group exercise in the pool. Our sauna and steam rooms are permitted to reopen from the 17th May.

When will group exercise be returning?
In line with government rules, our group exercise can resume from 17th May in England, Scotland and Wales (Northern Ireland TBC). Bookings for our group exercise classes are available from 1 week before the class, so from the 10th May you will be able to book your first class back!

Can I resume Personal Training?
Yes – 1-on-1 Personal is able to resume with immediate effect in our clubs when they reopen. Larger group training is permitted from the 17th May.