UPDATED COVID FAQ PAGE – 21st August 2020

‘There is no age, no situation, no condition where exercise is not a good thing.’

- Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty

While we have been closed, Sports Direct Fitness Clubs have been consulting with an expert panel (Professor Greg Whyte and Dr David Lawrence) to transform our clubs for your return. Below you can find answers to the most common questions and find reassurance that we have been working hard to protect your health, so you can focus on your fitness.

When will my club be reopening?

We can now confirm that from July 27th our clubs will be beginning to reopen. The specific dates for each club are as follows:

Bury St Edmunds NOW OPEN
Cheltenham NOW OPEN
Huntingdon NOW OPEN
Kettering NOW OPEN
Lincoln South West NOW OPEN
Liverpool NOW OPEN
Croydon NOW OPEN
Kings Heath NOW OPEN
Manchester NOW OPEN
Salisbury NOW OPEN
Glasgow Argyle NOW OPEN
Milngavie NOW OPEN
Newport NOW OPEN
Guildford NOW OPEN
Lincoln City NOW OPEN
What are you doing to ensure my safety from coronavirus (COVID-19)
Will I need to queue to gain access to the club?

No, we have introduced a booking system temporarily meaning you are guaranteed entry to the club. You must pre-book a 90 minute slot ahead of arriving at the club however or you will not be granted access. You can book by visiting the member’s area here.

I am not a member at present, can I still join?

Yes, we will be offering limited numbers of memberships for new members. We strongly recommend joining at your earliest opportunity to ensure you avoid disappointment as there will only be limited new memberships available per site.

Please note we will not be offering day passes or guest passes until further notice.

I am not confident about returning to the club yet, can I extend my membership freeze?

We understand that not all of our members will feel ready to return. For this reason we are offering all of our members an additional, up to 3 month, free membership freeze. To freeze your membership simply visit the contact us page to submit a request

Any of our members who are aged 70 years or older at the time of their club reopening, will have their memberships remain frozen. If this applies to you and you do wish to return to your fitness club, you can easily unfreeze your membership by submitting a request here

Will all facilities in the club be available when you reopen?

The majority of your fitness club will reopen as normal, however please be aware that spa, sauna and steam room facilities will remain closed for the foreseeable future.

Group exercise will be returning with reduced timetables to allow for increased cleaning so be sure to check updated class timetables.

Please note that children’s swim lessons will be returning but not until a later date.

Can I resume my personal training when you reopen?

Yes, Personal Trainers will be able to provide safe, socially distanced training for their clients once fitness clubs reopen.

What training have Sports Direct Fitness Clubs staff received to help ensure member safety?

All of our staff have undergone extensive training during our closure to ensure theirs and your safety when we open. This training includes all of the new and required COVID 19 Ways of Working and includes Advanced Cleaning, Social Distancing and PPE.

Can physical activity help protect me against COVID-19?

Being physically fit is highly protective against a range of illnesses. It also boosts the immune system. COVID-19 particularly affects those with underlying health conditions, diabetes etc. and those overweight. Given that the virus is now considered to be ‘endemic’ within the community, it is more important than ever to maintain your health and fitness.

Can you pass COVID-19 from sweat?

No, COVID-19 is not transmitted through sweat.

Don't forget, wiping sweat from your face could lead to the virus being passed from your hands to your face. So it is very important to regularly use hand sanitisers (60% alcohol +) and avoid touching your face as much as possible.

We have added more hand sanitising stations in every fitness club so you can easily access these throughout your fitness club visit.

Are fitness clubs higher risk than other enclosed spaces?

No, there is the same chance of getting COVID-19 in all areas indoors, the key is keeping social distancing in place, following cleanliness guidelines and aerosolisation guidelines.

Risk is essentially divided between ‘outdoor spaces’ and the building environment, or ‘indoor spaces’. R rate (the rate the infection is spread by one person) is much higher indoors, including within households, shops, and high-occupancy workplaces. Fitness clubs fall into this category, especially due to the increased individual activity of the occupants, but this can be mitigated through the special measures being deployed and people following the guidelines put in place.

Everlast Fitness Clubs has introduced new cleaning and social distancing measures in all our sites to ensure that members can work out safely.

Should I wear a face covering to the fitness club?

A mask protects people from droplet spread from an infected person to another person. It does not protect the wearer and safe distancing is probably of greater importance.

This is because the majority of droplets emitted will fall to the ground within 2 metres. Masks will also compromise physical exertion and this has to be taken into consideration when training.

You are not required to wear a mask when you train, for this reason, however, you can do so if you would feel more comfortable.

Should I wear gloves to the fitness club?

No. Gloves should be reserved for those undertaking certain tasks and are worn in hospital environments, those caring for the sick, by cleaning staff etc. Gloves can harbour a high viral load and contaminate surfaces. The individual may also transfer from glove to face in a higher dose and not touching the face and washing hands thoroughly is far more important.